Commercial trucking businesses face unique needs when it comes to insurance. That is why it is so important to work closely with a trusted insurance agency to determine the best commercial transportation insurance coverage for your business and your unique situation. These are a few types of commercial transportation insurances you may need as a trucking company or an independent owner-operator.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

This specialized type of commercial transportation insurance offers protection for your business if the cargo you're transporting is damaged or lost. The cost of this protection varies according to the type of freight you're transporting and the level of risk the freight represents to the insurance company.

Hazardous Materials Liability Protection

If you transport hazardous materials, fuel, waste, and similar products that could pose a threat to the environment and any property these materials contact if spilled or leaked along the way, you need sufficient hazmat liability protection. This commercial transportation insurance is instrumental in helping to cover the costs of cleaning up spills, damage to the planet, damage to property, injuries, and legal fees you may face as a result.

Reefer Breakdown Coverage

For drivers who handle refrigerated trucks, you can't afford to operate without the specific protection reefer breakdown insurance provides. It is one type of commercial transportation insurance that specifically addresses the breakdown of certain equipment on the truck, as well as the damage to cargo that occurs because of breakdowns and collisions.

Bobtail Insurance

When driving your truck off-duty, you may not be covered by your employer's liability insurance protection. In these situations, you may need bobtail insurance to cover accidents, injuries, medical payments, and property damage that occur when you're not pulling a trailer or otherwise driving your truck to earn an income. It could be your return trip home after dropping a load or countless other things, this commercial transportation insurance is essential if you ever use your truck for non-profit purposes.

In addition to these types of specialized coverages, drivers will also need commercial transportation insurance coverage for normal auto insurance needs, such as collision, theft, property damage, medical payments, general liability, and more. Working with a trusted agency allows you to customize your coverage to meet the specific needs of your business, the number of trucks you're insuring, your degree of risk aversion, and the types of freight your business transports. Whether you're an independent operator or your business is responsible for an entire fleet of trucks, getting the right commercial transportation insurance needs to be a priority for your organization.

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