Additional paperwork often is filed with the state to verify a specific person has an active insurance policy with the minimum amount of insurance declared by the state. This form is an SR22 certificate and is proof of coverage and level of monetary responsibility if an accident occurs. This form can also state that no insurance coverage is held and the person is not in compliance with state laws for their vehicles. The need to have this paperwork filed and recorded by the state is often time-sensitive and ordered by a local court. States may give a specific date that a SR22 must be filed due to a DUI, a ticket for reckless driving, multiple traffic tickets in a brief time-frame, a conviction of operating a vehicle without insurance, or after a driver's license was suspended. Here are a few tips for acquiring an SR22 filing

Insurance companies can provide an SR22 certificate after a policy has been purchased. Problems may occur when a current insurance provider won't file this paperwork within the services they offer. This would require seeking out a new insurance provider that can help with an SR22 filing. If the state has sent a request for an SR22 and there is no current insurance policy, one must be bought as soon as possible. There will be a due date listed on the letter sent from the state.

There are insurance companies that offer a non-owner form of insurance. A separate insurance company that offers this service can file an SR22 with the state. It will not be a second insurance policy, but proof of insurance that has been legally recorded. Non-owner policies are helpful if a current policy covers many different items, such as a home and multiple cars.

Expect the car insurance company to have a set rate for the service of filing the SR22. Depending on why the state is requesting this document, rates may increase for the insurance itself. The increase in monthly premiums is related to one or multiple actions taken by the insured. The requirement for having an SR22 on file with the state is limited. Depending on what has occurred, it could be a requirement for up to five years.

The state is monitoring the insurance policy listed within the filed SR22 document. If insurance is not maintained without interruption, there will additional files assessed, and the time for having an active SR22 may change. Use these tips to obtain an SR22 filing to stay in compliance with state rules.