Driving is a serious responsibility, and it will often be one of the first major responsibilities that a person will assume. Unfortunately, teenagers are usually not the best at making decisions, and this can lead to them making potentially serious mistakes and poor decisions while they are driving.

Why Would Your Child Be Forced To Complete A Juvenile Remedial Driving Course?

If your child gets numerous driving tickets, is cited for dangerous behavior, or exhibits otherwise questionable driving skills, the courts can require the child to complete a juvenile remedial course in order to be able to continue operating a vehicle on public roads. Failing to meet this requirement could result in the suspension of your child's driving license, which could result in them having to retake their driving test to be eligible to apply for a new one.

Will Completing This Course Avoid Insurance Premium Increases?

After an accident or a series of tickets, your child's insurance premiums can dramatically increase. Considering that teen drivers will already have among the highest insurance premiums, these increases can make it harder to afford the premiums. Completing a remedial driving course can help to lessen these premium increases. However, you will need to properly report the completion of these courses to the insurance.

Is It Disruptive For Your Child To Have To Complete This Course?

Parents may be worried that needing to complete a juvenile remedial driving course will be disruptive for their child to have to complete. In reality, these courses are fairly short. Most teens will find that they can complete this course in a single day. Furthermore, these driving courses are generally offered on the weekend, which will allow the teen to complete the course without having to miss school or fall behind with their homework.

What Should You Do With The Certificate Of Completion?

If your child was ordered by the court to complete this course in order to retain their license, it will be necessary to provide the court with a copy of the certificate of completion for the juvenile remedial course. The process for this will vary based on the local rules of your courthouse and DMV. However, there will normally be a time limit for when the court will need to receive a copy of this certificate in order to avoid the license being suspended. For this reason, you will want to be as prompt as possible with scheduling, completing, and mailing the child's driving course certificate to the courts.