Making too many home insurance claims is dangerous as far as your future insurance rates are concerned. Numerous claims within a short period signal to your insurance carrier that your home is prone to damages, and the high risk of damages increases coverage rates. Take these measures to reduce your risk of filing a claim.

Maintain Your Home

Property damages are some of the most common triggers for home insurance claims. Specifically, wind, hail, and water damage are the leading causes of home insurance claims. As long as your home was properly constructed, regular maintenance is the best way to reduce the risk of damages that might trigger insurance claims.

Here are a few specific maintenance measures that can reduce the risk of property damage:

  1. Inspect the roof for damages and fix damages as soon as they occur.
  2. Ensure your plumbing pipes are sound and properly insulated at all times.
  3. Ensure your drainage channels are clear before the rainy season begins.
  4. Install sensors, such as flood sensors and smoke alarms, to alert you in case of a disaster so you can take measures before things worsen.

The common themes in the above tips are regular maintenance, monitoring, and prompt repairs of damages. Do those three things for all parts of your house, and you are unlikely to be surprised with damages.

Secure Your Home against Intruders

Theft is also a frequent trigger for home insurance claims. Here are a few specific measures to keep your belongings safe from thieves:

  1. Ensure all your doors and windows are always locked when you are not at home. Burglars like easy work just as much as the next guy and they are likely o target a home with open doors or windows than a locked-up home.
  2. Install security alarms that can scare away intruders and alert the authorities (and you) of the intrusion to your home.
  3. Don't advertise your unavailability when you leave home; thieves love empty houses. Install automatic lights that come on and go off at predetermined times, get someone to accept your deliveries, and have someone clean the yard once in a while.

A single security measure is not enough to deter thieves. Take as many measures as possible to make your home burglar-proof.

Reduce the Risk of Injuries At Home

Liability claims are also part of home insurance claims, so keeping your home safe for everyone will also help. Here are a few tips to help you do this:

  1. If you have a dog, keep it away from strangers and warn strangers about the animal.
  2. Maintain your home so that it is always secure; for example, don't let loose tiles stay loose for long.
  3. Shovel snow within a reasonable timeframe after a snowfall to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.
  4. Minimize attractive nuisances, such as trampolines, open holes and old appliances in your home.

The typical dangers or risks in a home change over time. Therefore, assess your home regularly to spot issues that might trigger injuries to other people. Reach out to a homeowner's insurance company to learn more.