If you have been offered a job to work for a government contractor abroad, you likely have a great deal to ponder and consider. One of the issues to keep in mind is your safety abroad, whether you are working in a known dangerous area like Iraq or Afghanistan or in another country that is less volatile. What you may not yet know is that the DBA (Defense Base Act) is designed to protect people just like you working abroad. Get to know some of the important facts about DBA insurance and what it can do for you if you take the position working for a government contractor abroad. 

The DBA Provides a Form of Worker's Compensation-Like Insurance

The DBA functions to provide government contractors and subcontractors (and their employees) with insurance coverage in case of injury while working abroad. While most people think of this as being used in war zones like Iraq, it applies to government contractors anywhere in the world. 

DBA insurance works much like a workers' compensation insurance policy. It is designed to protect workers from excessive medical bills and loss of wages when they are injured, particularly if they are injured in the course of their work as a government contractor. Government contractors and subcontractors working abroad are required to carry DBA insurance for their workers. Make sure your future employer clearly states that they carry DBA insurance as this can help you to verify the validity of the contractor you are considering working for. 

DBA Insurance Covers a Wide Variety of Injuries

One of the points of difference between DBA insurance and regular workers' compensation insurance is the range of injuries covered. Workers' compensation insurance exclusively covers injuries that occur on the job and is also limited to those injuries that occur at no fault of negligence or blatant disregard for safety regulations. As such, there are fairly strict limits on workers' compensation insurance coverage. 

DBA insurance covers a much wider range of injuries and circumstances. Even if you are not actively on the job, your injuries might be covered under the DBA. For example, if there is any gunfire that causes an injury or you are injured by an IED, whether you are working at the time or not, your injuries will be covered under DBA insurance. 

If you are engaged in what the law calls reasonable recreational activities, you will also be covered under the DBA. So, if you are playing a game of volleyball and you fall and hurt yourself, your injuries could be covered under DBA insurance. One of the reasons for this wide range of coverage is to encourage high-quality workers to take these jobs abroad. Knowing they will be covered for almost any injury they sustain while living and working abroad can be a major incentive and can help a person know they will be as safe and taken care of as possible in their endeavors abroad. 

Now that you know some of the important facts about DBA insurance, you can use this information to help you decide whether this government contract job is the right choice for you.