When a vehicle is sold by a private party, the title needs to be transferred so that the new owner can properly register and ensure his or her new car. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the seller, buyer, or both to make errors when filling out the information needed to legally transfer the title of the vehicle from one person to another. Some of the common issues with transferring an auto title include:

Failure to Properly Complete the Odometer Disclosure Section

Before a car can be sold from one party to another, the mileage of the vehicle needs to be properly recorded in the odometer disclosure section of the title. Sometimes, the seller may overlook this area and completely forget to fill it in. Another common problem is to write the wrong mileage in the odometer disclosure section.

Lack of Signatures

Transferring an auto title is a legal process, so both the buyer and the seller will need to print their full names and then sign with their signature. If you are purchasing a vehicle, you will face a lot of difficulties registering your new vehicle in your name if the seller forgot to sign his or her name in the appropriate area.

Forgetting to Get the Title Notarized

In addition to the seller signing the title, most states also require that the signature is notarized. This is to ensure that the person signing the title is actually the legal owner of the vehicle. If you live in a state that requires titles to be notarized, you will need to contact a bank or mobile notary service before you sign the title. In the event that you're the buyer, look for the stamp on the auto title that shows that it has been notarized before exchanging money for the vehicle.

Not Paying Attention to What Section You're Signing

It is imperative to pay close attention when filling out information on an auto title. There is one section for the seller to write his or her name and address before signing and then a separate place for the buyer to record his or her information before signing. If the information is reversed, the department of motor vehicles will not be able to properly transfer the title of the vehicle into the buyers' name. In this type of situation, the seller will need to request a duplicate title and start the process over. 

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