Buying a mobile home is a more affordable and easier way of owning a home fast, but purchasing a mobile house can be costly. Thus, you need to protect your house by getting a mobile home insurance plan. However, you should understand as much as you can about mobile home insurance before investing. These FAQs provide essential information about mobile home insurance policies.

What coverage does a mobile home insurance policy offer?

Ideally, the coverage included in a mobile home insurance plan is similar to the coverage in conventional homes. The coverage amount depends on the home's size and value, the risks of the land where the home stands, and whether you're the owner of the land. However, these are the major coverages:

  • Liability Coverage. When your guest sustains an injury in your mobile home, and you're liable, this coverage caters to the injury expenses. Additionally, liability coverage covers the damage if you damage the land on which your mobile house sits and the land belongs to someone else.

  • Property damage: If your mobile home gets damaged and requires repair, this covers the cost.

  • Personal property: This covers your property in the event of theft or damage due to fires, natural disasters like storms, or falling objects.

What does your mobile home insurance policy not cover?

Generally, a mobile home insurance plan should cover disasters such as wildfires and flooding. However, if you live in an area prone to wildfires or flooding, some policies may not include this coverage. Thus, check whether your coverage covers these risks and whether the insurance can cover your evacuation if you have to move. Some policies may cover lodging, travel, and meal expenses at the time of the evacuation. In some cases, the policy may cover home damage that's due to wildfire or floods.

How can you get mobile home insurance?

While many insurance brokers sell attractive mobile home insurance plans, getting the ideal home insurance plan isn't always easy. There's a lot to consider, including the coverage and the premium amounts. Therefore, you need to work with a reliable insurer who will be transparent about the coverage and payments. Additionally, a trusted insurance broker will protect your interests and help you select the best form of mobile home coverage. Besides, if you make a claim, your agent will be the one to help you process and pay the claims.

Hopefully, these FAQs shed some light on mobile home insurance. You can now purchase a mobile home insurance plan confidently.